Our Slack Hack...And Other Ways To Share Analysis

It’s an understatement to say we’ve tried a lot of collaboration tools. In our company’s short life we’ve used HipChat, Slack, Quip, Trello, Yammer, Invision, Intercom, GitHub, Zendesk, Google Docs, and, of course, Mode. These days, our most important discussions happen in Slack:

Important Slack Conversations

For us, the best tools are those that work nicely with others. As several people have written, Slack excels at bringing everything (and everyone) together in one place. Much of our work, from GitHub commits to customer support tickets in Intercom, shows up in Slack.

Mode reports also frequently find their way into our channels. Sharing reports in Slack is as easy as pasting a URL. But often I just want to share a couple lines of data and wondered if there was a way I could save my coworkers a click.

So, I started experimenting with a little off-the-books Chrome extension.

A Quick Way to Send Reports via Email, Slack, and HipChat

From any report, pop open the Mode extension. Enter a series of email addresses, a Slack channel, or the HipChat room (or all three, if you’re as into trying tools as we are), write a quick message and click “Share Now.”

Mode Chrome Extension

And then, your report shows up in Slack.

Mode Report in Slack

Though this created a nice shortcut for sharing, it really became useful when we combined it with report schedules. Let’s say you have a Mode report that runs every morning. With the extension, schedule an email send for just after the report is done running (your browser has to be open for it to work, but it will catch up on missed schedules if it’s closed at the scheduled time).

Email a Mode Report!

Getting Started & Providing Feedback

This extension has been great for us—and we know our needs aren’t unique. Other analytics teams using Mode have told us that they want easier ways to share, and would love a way to have Mode reports delivered to them at regular intervals.

So, just as we open sourced much of our internal analysis, we’re excited to open source this project. Though a more robust, fully-supported email sharing system is in the works, there’s no reason we should make anyone wait around if we have a working (albeit hacky) solution already.

To start using it using our experimental extension, follow these installation steps:

  1. Get the extension in Chrome Web Store, here.
  2. Click Add to Chrome.
  3. Open the extension and click Settings. Use the links provided to access the necessary API keys from the communication tools you wish to use.

We’d love to see your comments, pull requests, and contributions on GitHub. A heads up if you dig into the code: it was written by an analyst (me), and mostly contains glued-together answers from Stack Overflow.

As always, if you have feedback about Mode, send us a message on Intercom or on Twitter. We’ve got a few more internal tools to release soon, so stay tuned!

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